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We are the digital arm of the New Straits Times Press. We are IT savvy, gadget-loving and hip, and we strategise and execute the company’s positioning and direction for new media.

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Our Playground

Click on the area name for picture.

An abandoned printing room now houses our brand new office. The novel space combines work and
leisure with the whole of the first floor dedicated for sports.

If you are tired, lie down and rest on the small patches of "pastures". Or just put your feet up in the many nooks and crannies and see the world go by NSTP. Expect parties and get-togethers and experience
inspiration and happiness.

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Put an environmentalist, entrepreneur, tech freak, crafts lady and aspiring chef in a room. Throw in a designer or two, foodies and amateur photographer and you get the eMedia team.

See our team members
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We believe the future is in new media. We use creativity and innovation to build platforms for digital engagement via multimedia.

Creative Strategy

We are passionate about the digital space. Whether its social media marketing, e-commerce, mobile or online interaction, we create products and campaigns, then make them fly!

  • 1. Digital Solutions

    Only the right type of digital presence will survive in the new media space. So we build a buzz where it matters.

  • 2. eCommerce

    We do the work. We help to sell or buy products so you can reap the benefits in the comforts of your home or office.


  • 3. Social Media

    It’s a scary world out there (yes even the virtual one!) We plan, manage and monitor what people are saying on social networking sites, so we can harness the power that is digital.


    Tenaga Nasional Berhad announced a new electricity tariff would take effect on June 1. We came up with the TNBBUZZ campaign to help TNB reach out to the rakyat to explain why the tariff revision was needed in a simple, direct and interesting way.

    We designed and built the TNBBUZZ website which we populated with cool infographics and video.

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Digital Content and Design

We entertain and wow with images, design, and the written word.

// Website Development
Stand out.

Every Tom, Dick and Harry can build a website. But not everyone can build one which is pleasing to the eye and offers great user experience.

// Video
Shoot it.
Play it.

Sometimes it’s best to show how it is done rather than tell it with words.

Watch our videos.

// Infographic
A picture paints
a thousand words.

Whoever said it was right. We present complex data in attractive graphic designs; less words, more visuals. Get your information across in a different way.

Check out our infographics. Check out our infographics Check out our infographics

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News and Image Bank (NIB)

Need material for your cutting edge award winning short film? Making a historical documentary? Or just doing a school project? NIB gives you the richest source of content available made up of first hand news and images from its vast archives.

  • News and Image Bank
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Tech people are fun!

We are hiring! Check it out Hey all, what’s up? Finally, it’s our turn to brag about ourselves. I’m talking about the good people from the Technology team. What we do may seem dull to others but hey, we’re fun people! Let us start with our head Mr. Nazrul. He is extremely knowledgeable in everything [...]

  • March 22nd, 2012
  • admin

Making News

When Eve dropped the bomb and told us we were being sent back to news desk for training for the whole of December, we were like “WHATTTT???!!” Earlier in 2011, Hanna, Fanna and myself had survived the New Straits Times’ Pre-Entry Editorial Training Scheme (PETS) for three months. During that training, we learned how to [...]

  • January 11th, 2012
  • admin

The Trendy Road to An Online Fashion Mall

About a month ago, a few of us were tasked to build a scrapbook which would be THE bible for eMedia’s very own online fashion mall which will cater to trendy hot chicks like me. Proof of a hot chick? See below. Okay, so it’s not quite me… As a start, we needed a fashion [...]

  • January 5th, 2012
  • admin

The School of Hard Knocks is in session!

Strangers or even our NSTP colleagues must have thought something fishy was going on at eMedia last Thursday (December 22, 2011). The place was overrun with ‘international students and teachers’ dressed in various uniforms. We must have looked like a gathering of misfits, geeks, jocks, school hooligans and uniformed ‘students’. You see this was the [...]

  • December 28th, 2011
  • admin
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1 Position

Web Developer

Do you often get more interested in how a website is put together than what's on it?
Are you a web developer with extensive skills that covers the front and back-end?
Are you passionate about building great user experiences?

We want to work with you!

We're looking for talented and highly motivated web developers to help us design and build robust, intuitive websites & web applications that our users interact with every day. With more than 5 million users visiting our online media publications daily, we build innovative digital online campaigns for our advertisers with our users. Developing these products will present many interesting technical challenges to solve in the areas of usability, experience, product design and scalability.

    Some of the exciting technologies we work with include:
  • HTML5
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Java (Tomcat, NetBeans)
  • MySQL
  • Android
  • iOS
    Job Responsibilities:
  • Develop and implement web and mobile applications using PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML and various web services in a LAMP environment.
  • Design and implement efficient and highly usable user interfaces.
  • Implement user interface functionality with highly interactive controls.
  • Work together with the Product & Technology and Online Sales team to implement product functionalities and digital online campaigns.
    What we look for in you:
  • Preference towards candidates who are creative, highly motivated and able to operate effectively in a startup culture.
  • Passion for open source communities and philosophies.
  • Ability to clearly deftly and clearly communicate both with the technology team and non-technical members of the larger organization.
  • Knowledgeable of HTML5 web standards for both desktop & mobile web.
  • Foundational skills with core programming language such as Java, PHP or Python.
  • At minimum, intermediate skill with PHP.
  • Strong, disciplined skills in consuming RESTful web services.
    But if you have these skills below, it’s a plus!
  • Experience with front-end development using Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, etc.
  • Experience with PHP, Python or Java web development.
  • Experience with UX and UI design & development.
  • Experience with iOS & Android SDKs but not a requirement.
    We offer you:
  • Competitive salary.
  • Comprehensive employee benefits package.
  • A really cool working environment! Check it out at

If you are interested, send us your resume/cv to

Apply Now!